Hellooooooo Anyone there?

No one has posted for 6 days now and we need to get back on our feet so be sure to check the site tomorrow because I will be making

  • Tactics event
  • Recruiting event
  • Practice battle

I am not about to let this army fall so owners start posting because as of now I am going to make a new rule and here it is:

Admins and authors on site must post at least once a week

You should have noticed.

Well… NMA… In case you havent noticed, its your 1.5ic flu,

( AKA lord.drake AKA kilemal 7 AKA Minddreak  AKA Callum)

I have been thinking, Our uniform, our name, other Non member army’s… To be honest, we are NMA 5g… 5G… is that good? well… it is good in the case of NMA has been on for a long time… however, All the other Non member armys have failed, do we want this to happen to us? No. the answer is no.


no offence, but our uniform is not that good, we dont look like an army. We look like a bunch of noobs.


Now im not pointing fingers, but Alot of us get really annoyed when we loose a battle.  I want to make something clear. its just a game. its not a real war, there is no hate, To be honest, we are only kids. the language i see on chat is appalling. People on our chat are aged 5-15, Five year olds shouldn’t know that language. To be honest, we shouldn’t either. we are children, not drunken 25 year olds you think its cool to swear.

Hacking (me)

As you know. i have threated to hack, and dox, and troll when im angry, I can dox, But i wont, not anymore, after a talk with wizzer and morrisons i have decided it is wrong.


At the moment, We have no enemies. we are  not at war, were just sitting ducks. occasionally having a tourney, or PB. I think we should have more action. invade an army, Declare war.


As you know… most succesful armys have domanis, nachos, NW, CP crew…

We could get nonmemberofcp.net or nonmemberofcp.com. or keep our current link. please vote on this poll

i am willing to pay the £37 a year. but i need you to be sure you want this, wizzer bought cpsft a domain, then we merged into here. i dont want us to merge into another army for atleast 2 years, once i buy this, we cant get a new site.


If there are any other concerns add them here

NMA vs EW CPAE tournament results

Olympus here!!! I am really surprised now about those troops that came to the tournament today! We got 13 on Cp and quite a large chat. I know 13 is half our true size but it’s amazing after we use to get 8 at events! So well done guys I couldn’t attend as I was in phone 🙄 AGAIN but I heard from you guys an I’m really proud but not fully satisfied, I want us to get 15+ as we SHOULD BE GETTING buy we weren’t that far off hopefully for our next event we will be able to get 15+ and if we do all who came will get double promos and for ONE lucky soldier will get OWNER on chat and leader with Morrison kingfunks and me for a day!!! I promise you that an the 3 runner ups will get mod 😉 so here come the pics!!!

As you can see I’m very proud and we will rise so brace yourselves NMA for along journey towards our peak.;)

Also I’m thinking should we have an NMA event next weekend and if so what:

A) practice battle with an army
B) recruiting session
C) training session
D) declare war on an army(if so what army and why if leaders agree)
E) party
F) nothing

Comment now and put what letter you will like to do.

Olympus@owners: see the blank space that’s for the pics as I don’t have then

NMA Banners!

Hello NMA,

At the moment we have 2 banners, but another one has just been submitted, so we are going to have a vote for the 2 best banners. The 2 banners with the most votes will be put on the site.

Banner 1 (made by Bearsandcubs):

Banner 2 (made by Blacky):


Banner 3 (made by Bearsandcubs):

Here is the poll, vote for your favourite one, the 2 banners with the most votes will get put up on the site. You have 1 week to vote!:

Get Voting!


PUSHING ON NMA||April active account

Kingfunks4: Cozy is now ours, and we have signed a peace treaty with the Vikings of CP.

However, we have decided to give 50% of Cozy back to the Vikings.

Olympus: commenting on this can change whether you get a demotion or an extra promo!

You might have guessed. Yes, there is an active account but let me get on with the other topic:

Falling. Many of you might not have noticed yet but we are falling but why? For 3 reasons

1. Attitude- as Morrison posted earlier on our attitude to this army isn’t good at all, that “can’t really be bothered” and “I don’t really care” type of thing. Not all of you are like this but quite a lot are.

2.recruits/unscheduled events- whenever your on chat, there is no event coming up or simply board recruit and/or train! Spread the word of NMA to all people you see and don’t forget to comment on the did you recruit page! Train on one of the many servers we own, keep other NMA busier.

3.what to do/scheduled events- owners this is aimed towards you, if you know we don’t have any events that are scheduled in a week make some! However if you plan to enter a tournament ask other owners and if 2 agree (one being a leader) go ahead same goes for practice battles ask a leader and other owners. But recruiting and training events no need to ask; JUST GO AHEAD!!!! And for you mods and members, you can ask owners to set up events, don’t be shy 😉

Now to the active account. You might be wondering why so early but as we are on a downfall I want to make sure we still have many active people and the reason we are on a downfall is a lack of events!

Now fill in the form below

What is your club penguin name(s)
Xat name/name on ranks(if any different):
Your NMA rank:
When did you join:


what is your club penguin name: olympus104
Xat name/name on ranks(if any different):Olympus104
Your NMA rank: leader(1ic)
When did you join: November when it 1st started

So that’s it owners will rate your activeness on a scale of 0-10 as almost everyone puts ten 🙄 so bring on the comments!!!

The “Cant Be Bothered Attitude”- Competion for promo.

I cant be bothered. These words ring in my ears, burning holes in them like incesent fire. The burn into my skull and I think, Why oh why.

NMA have hit the Cant Be Bothered Stage in a armys life. The times when you all sit there and say, I cant be Bothered.

We did some recruiting yesterday. I said (with Olympus) “Please Recruit!” but hardly any of you did anything. It was annoying. And you just all did nothing, with comments like “I Give Up.”

This is not the sort of thing i want to hear again. So im running a competion.



Good Luck!


April Promos!

Hello NMA,

Robert1998 here doing my last ever NMA promos! (Sad) So yeah, March has been a good month for NMA, we won the CPAD tournament, and are doing well in the CPAE tournament! That’s it with the praise here are the promos! (Click read more)

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Council of NMA

So me and Robert have been talking and we wanted to make a councill for NMA. We have decided that my part in being a leader will be business work and Councill, Funks will have the job of doing events and Oly just does his Leadering Greatness.

Anyway so we are making a councill. Im Inviting all 1ics, 2ics, 1.5ics and 3ics… So basically all owners! LOL. Anyway here are times and what not.

Saturday 9th april (If a Tornament Battle is on today it will be Sunday 10th April)

On Chat.

7pm GMT (i dont have a clue about other times… I used to be able to do them but due to timechanges this month i am lost when it comes to army times! Can somebody else do these times plz!)

Um Yeah thats probs it….. Im kinda gonna give some of my posts some personality so… You can probably tell that im just writing what im thinking. Oh well who cares. Oh dear…. Im going on again…. Yakk Yakk Yakk. Here I go again…. I had better stop yaking befre I do again….

Morrisons2 One Of Your Faithfull Leaders.

CPAE tourney times

Hello all! as you know we have been in the CPAE tourney, here are the times, servers, and days:

NMA vs. Earth Warriors

Server: Klondike

Times: 10:30 PST

11:30 MST

12:30 CST

1:30 EST

6:30 UK

Date: April 3rd 2011



Or is it drake ❓


Olympus104: Sunday times have changed to 7.00pm straight after tourney 😉
Kingfunks4: We cant do Sundays Recruitment Session due to the CPAE tournament.

Olympus@site editors and owners: add the other times coz I don’t know them. Plus I want an event a day, for days with no planned event do an unschduled one.

Hi NMA, this is Olympus and I want NMA to show business in the next few weeks, I have noticed that we are falling rapidly since robert’s retirement and I want us to pick ourselves back up and never turn back. NMA will see open Fields for us to dominate and strike fear in those who say we can’t, this will be the chance to show what NMA is really capable of and I want us to come back with a boom, by the end of this year I want us to look back and say

“We are now a major army, we came through all those odds, we are the best, nothing can drag us down”

But we can’t do this without effort. Blood and sweat will poor down by the time we come back into power again and dominate the top 10. We will rise from ashes to stand back and walk a new road.


Recruiting session!

What: recruiting session for NMA
When: Saturday 2nd April

6.30pm GMT
(fill in other times I don’t know them :s)
Where: Ice Box, town and NMA chat ( http://xat.com/nonmemberarmyofcp )

Why: to get more troops


Training session!

What: training session
When: Sunday, 3rd April

6.30pm GMT

Where: oyster plaza and NMA chat

Why: to show of size and new tactics

IF YOU COME TO THESE EVENTS YOU’RE MORE LIKELY TO GET A PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment to what ones you can come to

/////Olympus104 proud NMA leader\\\\\